Welcome to Giuseppe Rizzi Real Estate Group

Would you like to work with an experienced Buyer Agent who has: 

Innovative Thinking? an unconventional thought process that creates original solutions tailored to the client’s specific needs? 

Empathy in Service? a genuine desire to establish an authentic connection with clients by taking the time to listen and share, offering guidance that always values people over process? 

Technical Expertise? the ability to provide clients with invaluable insights on prospective properties based on long experience designing, building, and remodeling homes? 

Giuseppe has more than 30 years of experience in real estate sales, development, and investment in both the U.S. and Europe. His expertise includes all phases of design and construction, strategic marketing, trends analysis and market research, residential sales, and real estate investment. 

Giuseppe enjoys sharing his deep knowledge of architectural design, construction, and remodeling options to assist his clients with their dream projects. Although he is supported by his own marketing and operations team, Giuseppe insists on working with each of his clients personally to ensure their specific real estate goals are not only met, but exceeded. 

After studying law in his youth at the University of Padua in Italy, Giuseppe founded a small real estate brokerage outside of Venice. Ten years later, he was a proud partner in one of the most dynamic real estate groups in northeast Italy, comprised of nine sales agencies, an engineering company, a general contractor company, and several development and investment companies.

An American citizen from birth, Giuseppe decided to move his family back to the United States a few years ago to continue his business in the country he loves every bit as much as his ancestral Italy. 

When he isn’t selling homes, Giuseppe enjoys spending time with his wife, Miriam; their sons, Sebastiano and Federico; and their labrador, Sparky. Giuseppe inherited a passion for Italian food and wine from his grandfather who was a famous chef in New York. Giuseppe’s spaghetti carbonara is a favorite among the members of his real estate team. He also enjoys movies, historical books, traveling with his family, and motorbike racing.

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