Zilker, Austin, Texas

Homes For Sale in Zilker, Austin, Texas

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About Zilker

Zilker is a mixed-use community located south of Downtown Austin across Colorado River. The neighborhoods of Barton Hills to the west, Bouldin to the east, and South Lamar to the south border the district. Zilker is a lively community known for its many commercial, shopping, and dining establishments along South Lamar Boulevard. Residents have easy access to restaurants, shopping malls, movie houses, outdoor parks, and many more amenities and attractions throughout the community. There are also several schools throughout the neighborhood, making it an ideal location for large families looking for a new home.

Real Estate in Zilker

Properties for sale in Zilker is mostly suburban single-family homes situated west of the commercial areas of the neighborhood. These houses come in a variety of designs with a few new residential developments offering brand new properties. Residences in the community come in four to five-bedroom layouts with spacious living areas and large home lots. These are especially great for home buyers looking for a house with multiple bedrooms and classic suburban backyards.

Homes For Sale in Zilker, Austin, Texas

Community Amenities

Conveniently located in the center of South Central Austin, Zilker offers easy access to the many recreational and commercial attractions in the city. The Zilker Metropolitan Park and Butler Shores at Town Lake are lovely public parks offering fantastic outdoor activities. There are several stores, restaurants, and other ocal businesses along S Lamar Boulevard including the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema South Lamar and Lamar Union Plaza Shopping Mall.

Schools near Zilker

The only school in the Zilker neighborhood is the similarly named Zilker Elementary School. Other schools around the neighborhood available to residents in the community are Porter Junior High School, San Juan Diego Catholic High School, and more.

Homes For Sale in Zilker, Austin, Texas

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