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Homes For Sale in Bouldin, Austin, Texas

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About Bouldin

Bouldin Creek is a mixed-use neighborhood located south of the Central District of Austin, Texas just across Colorado River. The suburbs of South River City to the east, Zilker to the west, and Galindo and Dawson to the south border the district. Residents living in the area have easy access to Downtown Austin and are a short drive away from most of the amenities and attractions in the center of the city.

Bouldin Creek is an old neighborhood in the city of Austin, Texas and home to various older residential properties built during the 1920s and 1930s. The area has a unique feel compared to the other neighborhoods surrounding it – thanks to the many historic landmarks and iconic buildings such as the Green Pastures Victorian Mansion and St. Anne Episcopal Church.

Real Estate in Bouldin

Houses in Bouldin Creek are mostly single-family homes with a few apartment complexes including Meadowbrook Apartments on its southwestern corner. Home buyers looking to purchase a property in the area can expect to find three to five-bedroom single-family houses with suburban home lots, a full kitchen, spacious living area, and ample garage parking space.

Homes For Sale in Bouldin, Austin, Texas

Community Amenities

The Bouldin neighborhood is a convenient distance away from the city’s primary shopping and business district. Several shopping malls are a short drive from the community including Lamar Union Plaza Shopping Mall and Twin Oaks Shopping Center. There are a couple of outdoor parks in the area including the small Nicholas Dawson Neighborhood Park and the larger Town Lake Metropolitan Park. The Long Center for the Performing Arts and the Palmer Events Center are notable attractions you can visit for fantastic shows and concerts.

School near Bouldin

The neighborhood is close to the specialty school of the Texas School for the Deaf. The school offers a comprehensive course to support deaf individuals and their family. Other schools in the area are Becker Elementary School, Lively Middle School, and San Juan Diego Catholic High School.

Homes For Sale in Bouldin, Austin, Texas

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